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Gildegids tijdens stadswandeling op de Groenmarkt

Guided City Walking Tour

Guided city tour through the medieval city center of Amersfoort, including a visit to the gate "Koppelpoort".

Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, Amersfoort

Climbing the tower

Climb the 343 steps of Our Lady Tower and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the wide surroundings. The guide tells you all about the history of this medieval tower.

Belgenmonument, Belgenstraat Amersfoort

Belgian monument

This monument is by far the largest of the Netherlands and stands on top of the 43 meter high Amersfoortse Berg.

kKamperbinnenpoort, Amersfoort

City walls and gates

The route of this walking tour is partly on top of the old city wall, guaranteeing beautiful views. The tour starts at the gate "Koppelpoort". Furthermore we visit the water gate "Monnikendam" and the gate "Kamperbinnenpoort", the only remaining gate from the first wall of the city.


Around the river Eem: Old and New Amersfoort

This walking tour is characterized by great diversity. Historic buildings, the modern residential district of Gildekwartiert, the post-war Jerusalem and Jericho district, Industrial and sailing heritage along and in the Eem harbour, the new and trendy city heart, the Eemplein and the swamp with memories of the Grebbelinie.

Westsingel Amersfoort

Modend architecture in the historic city center

This walk leads us through the old city center of Amersfoort. We enjoy the typical character of a historic city and zoom in on more recent buildings.

Waterpoort Monnikendam Amersfoort

Historic Amersfoort extended

In a standard tour we can show you only a part of the pearls that the city is rich in. 'Historical Amersfoort Extended' offers the opportunity to see more!

Interieur Synagoge Amersfoort

Jewish Amersfoort

Throughout the year it is possible to make a walk through Jewish Amersfoort. A visit to the historical Jewish cemeteries is part of the tour. On request it is also possible to visit the synagogue.


St.-Joris church

During an extensive tour you will learn all about this special church, the only one in the Netherlands where you can walk around the tower inside the church!

Interieur Oud-Katholieke kerk

Pilgrims walking tour

During this guided tour through Pilgrims city Amersfoort  you will hear historical stories and legends about Mary, Joseph and other saints who play a role in the Miracle of Amersfoort.

Plaquette OLV-toren voor WO II

World War II in Amersfoort

This tour takes you past places where shocking events have left their tracks from that time. Many places bring back memories of the sad events that took place in Amersfoort during World War II.

Mannenzaal interieur

De Men’s Ward

he Men's Ward and the chapel were part of the late middle age charity institution of St. Pieter's Hospital. After a merger in the 19th century, the St. Pieters and Bloklands Hospital offered poor women and men shelter in the women's ward and the Man's ward. In the Men's Ward, the 22 boxbeds of the hostels have been preserved.

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