For all our tours, we apply a maximum number of eight participants per guide in connection with the corona measures.

We avoid interior spaces and narrow streets. We are also not going inside monuments, such as the Koppelpoort. Fortunately, there is enough beauty left! For the rest, we apply the guidelines set by RIVM and the government.

Before the start

The guide informs whether the participants have Corona related complaints. You can only participate if this is not the case. If you have these complaints, we advise you to go home. You will then be refunded the cost of your ticket.
The guide will go through the instructions that apply to the tour with you.

During the walk

The participants are responsible to keep at least 1.5 meters away from each other and to the guide. The guide also keeps that distance. So give each other space.
Follow the directions of the guide during the walk on walking routes, etc.
The guide will end the walk if the participants fail to comply with these guidelines, the government regulations or the instructions of the guide or if the guide feels unsafe.