Hofje De Armen De Poth, Amersfoort


This language project creates the possibility to practice the Dutch language in everyday practice for foreigners who don’t master the Dutch language.
Through regular face to face contact with a volunteer for a certain period – usually six months to a year – makes it possible for non-native speakers to improve their Dutch in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. At the same time, the client becomes more familiar with the Dutch customs, habits and values. The volunteer, also referred to as “language buddy ‘, in fact, acts as a kind of a mentor to the foreign language.

You can directly contact the coordinator:

Friek Herfst, tel 033-4751485, email:. Friek.herfst @ xs4all.nl

Slide presentations

For healthcare organizations, associations and non-profit groups provide some city guides slide over the historic center.
For information and inquiries: contact our office.