Gilde Kantoor, Groenmarkt Amersfoort

Amersfoort Guild is an organization of volunteers, mainly 50+ who are happy their knowledge and experience available for the benefit of the community without expecting payment or consideration. Amersfoort Guild is affiliated with Foundation Guild Netherlands, umbrella organization for some 65 guilds in the Netherlands. For more information
Guild has over 60 guides. They receive appropriate training and attach great value to their knowledge well to maintain and expand.
To support and promote them Gilde Amersfoort organizes lectures and other consultation meetings for its guides.
The office is operated by volunteers. In Guild Amersfoort each function unpaid.
Besides city tours are also a number of other targets on the Gilde Amersfoort program. Specifically Dialogue is an important project.
Gilde Amersfoort is completely independent and does not receive any subsidy. The Dialogue project is sponsored modestly.

Gilde Netherlands

Guild Netherlands is the umbrella organization of all the guilds in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Guild website is


Gilde Amersfoort has a ANBI recognition making donations are tax deductible.


Executive committee
Chairman: Annelies Roozen
Secretary: Hans van Harten
Treasurer Bert Dijkman
Other directors
– PR: Cora van Bergen
-Productontwikkeling: Lenske Jonker

Responsible for:
-ICT Bert Dijkman
-Social issues: Lenske Jonket
-Recruitment, training & quality: Lenske Jonker
-Gildeprojecten and external contacts: Annelies Roozen

To contact the Board
Directors Guild Amersfoort Foundation
c / o office Gilde Amersfoort,
Groenmarkt 19, Amersfoort 3811 CP e-mail: